Firebind Agent System Requirements | Firebind

Firebind Agent System Requirements

  • Agent Host Platform

    • 64-bit Windows 7 or better or Windows Server 2008 or better
    • 64-bit Mac OS X 10.8 or better
    • 64-bit Linux (x86-64) or 32-bit ARM Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi 3)
    • Single core or better
    • 300MB RAM
    • 200MB disk space (Windows and Mac OS X), 350MB disk space (Linux)
  • Internet Connectivity – the following ports must be open outbound to the Internet
    • TCP ports 80 and 443 (for agent communication to Firebind and HTTP targets)
    • UDP Ports 50,000 and 50,001 (for UDP streaming, latency, and jitter tests)
    • Further details on connectivity are here: Agent Testing Connectivity Requirements
  • Ensure the agent host machine has the proper time, preferably via regular NTP updates.
  • Ensure the agent host machine is configure to not transition into sleep or hibernate mode.
  • IMPORTANT – each agent will have its own agent ID. Agent IDs are unique to each agent and must never be shared between 2 agents. Since they are used to authenticate the agent with Firebind, care should be taken to keep them private.